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Going Beyond Sobriety

I've been the witness of some nasty cat fights lately in the recovery community. Interestingly they were not fighting over dogma, not over the steps. They concerned...what exactly? I was thinking about it today, as I hiked, and I think it boils down to planes of reality.

Lately I have been on a disordered plane of reality as my mental illness took me into a chaotic tail spin.

But as far as these cat fights...which truly weren't about recovery...I think it was a case of who's metaphysical plane is more real.

I believe there are different metaphysical planes, not just different understandings, or different roads to the summit, or different cultural idioms, I think there are different metaphysical planes. This is not bothersome to me, it seems like the only reasonable explanation for the variety of experience that people have. Good people who have had life changing experiences and have nothing to gain from lying about it. I have no reason to doubt them.

Can/does one metaphysical plane have the ability to attack or destroy another? I don't know but as I hiked so me ideas came to me. Just what is a "demon" anyway? Watching those cat fights, and people who have experienced one metaphysical plane attack the validity of another person's plane...I thought perhaps WE are the demons, if and when we choose to try to jump planes and cause trouble or damage another plane. When ego gets too big for our own plane and tries a hostile take over of another.

Some of these folks did seem rabidly demonic as they hammered, insulted, and belittled the experience of others...only because it differed from their own. They were the mischief makers, hoping to stir up discontent and doubt. Hoping to 'snatch a soul' from one plane to their own. Trying to cause dissent among the souls on another plane.

Driving a wedge between a person and their spirituality is evil. Trying to get another to deny the validity of their own powerful, life changing experience is evil.

This is demonic behavior.

It has me thinking about casting circles, creating bubbles of white light etc, and what that is all about. Being a pantheist, that has not been part of my rituals, because it's always been about connectedness, but I understand more clearly now why people do it, to define the plane they are on, and to create a secure space where the demons of another cannot enter and do their mischief.

I still don't know if casting circles etc will be part of my practice, but I realize that it DOES apply. First of all, for me to be aware of not trying to jump planes and tear apart a different metaphysical plane, to respect their borders so to speak, and if I do explore there, to stay respectful, aware, and kind. Be an angel, not a demon. Be an observer, not a judge.

And ask myself do I need to go there at all? Even to a discussion of another plane? Is it doing good, or is my energy better spent on my plane, with the folks who share it than being a fly on the wall of a different plane? I've been playing at Peeping Tom too much lately, ready to misunderstand or judge at the drop of a hat. Time for me to bring my focus back to home. Not get caught up in drama, and not allow myself to get caught up in arguments and doubt. If I don't poke the demons, they won't follow me home, or at least they are far less likely to.

Time to sort and edit my book marks. Clean things up. Set myself free instead of setting myself up. Even though I have refrained from getting into the discussion for real...I have still been judging and cat fighting in my mind, getting my energy all messed up in it. I am still involving myself in it. Time to cancel my subscription and cut the cable.

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