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The Center of the wheel is not a destination. It is actually the hub of the wheel, where all aspects and directions converge. Once you reach the center of the wheel your Addiction Alchemy journey is at a point of completion, however, your body and your life will be emblazoned by the energies that you have integrated as you traveled around the wheel. It is from your center that your Will becomes re-connected to your highest and finest good, and your hopes, dreams and desires will emanate from your purest essence, uncorrupted by negative thoughts, misunderstood feelings and mistaken beliefs. It is here that your Higher Self and your human body can merge and become the lightening rod to bring heaven down to earth.

To find out more about the Center of the wheel, visit the Addiction Alchemy website.

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From the carefree, exuberant winds of the East where the angels of love seemed to light my path and push me from the fiery gates of the South that burst my heart wide open and made whole what once seemed broken...
And then to the depths of the West where, submerged in the murky and perplexing waters, I learned to let the undercurrent take me deeper into the shadows of myself so that I could learn to float in the blossoming mystery of creation...And on to the North, where I found a firm bedrock to draw sustenance from when I became world weary, where I realized that there is a price to pay for exposing illusion, but the gifts of wisdom far surpass this, so I will carry on in my journey with more gratitude and less discouragement...

And now I have arrived in the Center..Or more accurately, I have been transported into a world that is a fusion of the energies of all the directions but with something more. When I was an addict, it used to be "me against the world". When I began to recover, it became more about me cooperating with and accepting the world just as it is as God's divine plan. However, now I am becoming increasingly sensitive to that third element of my consciousness that is not me, not the world, but intrinsically connected with both in the most intimate way. And I am beginning to feel a different sense of relationship to this "element" which I choose to call the Presence of God, not just in brief flashes of light and love, but more a shift in inner knowing and experience.

I hope to post more on this soon as the Center is still unfolding for me and is still difficult more my logical mind to process into words, but I'd love to hear others' experiences with the Center..or the relationships that anyone experienced between the other 4 directions...Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!

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